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Fundamental 9 Wrist Action

Golf Fundamentals By Seymour Dunn The Saratogian Service Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Copyright 1922 by Seymour Dunn Golf Fundamentals Orthodoxy Of Style Seymour Dunn 1922

Greatest Speed Producer

"For all strokes of considerable distance the left wrist should be the hinge of the wrist action.

The right hand must work around the left because the left is the fulcrum or hinge on which the wrist action pivots.

That is why the grip with the left hand must be firmer than the with the right.

This wrist action should not take place until the lateral hip action which takes care of the shifting of the body weight, and the downward pull of the left arm which drags the club handle down to the hitting area have almost completed their part in the downswing.

Note this : it is not the rotary shoulder movement nor the downward arm sweeping movement that speeds the club head.

It is the right hand and forearm.

The left shoulder and arm movements merely drag the club handle down to the hitting area. It is the hands that whip the club head through.

A golfer is no stronger than his hands."

"A Golfer Is No Stronger Than His Hands" 1897 1907 1922 1930 1934 By Seymour Dunn of The Dunns of Musselborough Scotland